Catherine Jeanne Hessing Robertson 1949 - 1990

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Cathy Robertson was a daughter, sister, wife, friend and most importantly a mother; when she was abruptly taken from her beautiful life 21 years ago.  She is dearly missed by her family and friends left behind and unfortunately they haven't been allowed to put to rest the terrible circumstances in which she was taken at the hands of Mark Woodworth.

This website is designed in October 2011 to put to rest questions about her murder case, why Mark Woodworth should be convicted again, but more importantly memorialize Cathy so that she may be remembered as the wonderful mother, wife and friend she was and not a murder victim.

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They Can’t See Me

(Written by Rochelle Robertson Koehly in 1997.)


Rochelle is my first born, as only one child can be;

Three wheelers, 4-H, Lake Viking is what summer would see.

Later on it was friends, parties, dates and dances;

Fair queen and homecoming, she didn't miss chances.

She was my first; she was headstrong and wild;

Oh, what do I do with my troublesome child?

Now she is married, I’m glad to see;

She has to take care of her own family.

Maybe she can’t see me from such a distance,

But I know that she knows I’m with her this instance.


Rhonda Lea, halo of golden curls;

She is the ambitious one of all my girls.

Daddy’s little girl, driving the car on his lap;

Three years old, with her pet pig she took a nap!

Time passing, getting older, it’s late,

For in May from college she will graduate.

Not wanting to believe it to be true,

My curly headed baby is getting married, too.

Maybe she can’t see me from where I stay,

But I will be with her on her wedding day.


Renee is my third, my smart little doll;

I remember kissing her ouchies when she’d fall.

Bumps and bruises, cuts and scrapes;

She’d cry ‘till I put in the Disney tapes.

Close to my heart, we were best friends;

Upon her mommy she would depend.

Now she’s older, getting on with her life;

Someday she too may be a wife.

Maybe she can’t see me from my new home,

But I’d have her know she’ll never be alone.


Eric Scott, my only son;

My dark little Indian, handsome one.

Playing with John Deere tractors out in the dirt;

Never seen crying, even when hurt.

Looking at him now, not so young anymore;

How did he get so big, where did the years go?

February is close, he’ll be eighteen;

Graduating in May he will be seen.

Maybe he can’t see me from where I am,

But watching him now, I’m so proud of my young man.


Roxanne is my baby, my youngest of all;

I remember her being so very small.

 But she wasn't just my babe when she was a tot,

I had to compete with Rochelle, Rhonda, Renee, and Scott…

For we all loved her in her ruffles, frills, and lace!

Try to put that on her now and just see her face!

For she is a tomboy and into sports…

Running the bases, and on the courts.

Maybe she can’t see me from where I am now,

But I am watching over her, that I vow.


All of my children are special to me;

The five of them I can always see.

They all are different in their own special way;

I smile as I watch them every day.

I think to myself how long it has been…

Since they've seen me, since I’ve spoken to them,

Since we’ve shared a hug or even a wink…

Oh, it’s painful when I think.

But, although they can’t see me up above,

They’re close to my heart, always with love.


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